All programming for the children in this centre is based upon children’s observations, interest and the development level of the children within the group.

Within each program you will find that there is a predictable pattern to the day, which is designed to give children a sense of security.  You will also find that certain materials for example paints, blocks, books and equipment for imaginative play are always available for children to choose from.  Integrated into the predictable elements of the day will be new experiences, planned to challenge and stimulate the children.  If will also include themes, incursions that are of interest and based around current events. Eg Mother’s Day.

Through the programming staff will endeavor to reflect the diversity of cultures, religion and gender roles with the group and community.  We hope to foster positive attitudes towards the variety of cultures that combine to create the Australian society.  It is important that the children not only recognize similarities but value cultural differences.

Parents are encouraged to help with ideas for programming.  Each family has a wealth of experiences and talents that can benefit the children within the centre.


Any written observations are available for parents to read and discuss with your child’s Group Leader.  Parent’s comments and suggestions are always noted and considered in the daily program.  Programs are based on observations of the children and interpretation of developmental and educational needs.