Our Staff

We pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our staff and the warm, secure, homelike environment we provide for your children.

Our staff have various levels of experience and relevant qualifications ranging from Certificate level to Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Staff are also required to hold a current First Aid / Resuscitation certificate, Blue Cards (Criminal History Clearance card) issued by the Commission for Children and Young People.

Our staff also hold other relevant qualifications including Epi-pen and Anaphylaxis use, Brain Gym, Occupational Health and Safety, Nutrition and Oral Health, Communicable Diseases Control, Food Handling and Hygiene and Reiki.

The staff are kept up to date with child care issues by attending a variety of in service courses throughout the year and maintaining regular interaction with other child care staff and further training.

Relief Staff

We have a pool of relief staff that we utilize when our permanent staff members are absent. Our relief staffs are carefully chosen to ensure that their aims and objectives are the same as those of our permanent staff members.

All of our relief staff hold a current Blue Card and some of them are fully qualified while others are studying. We have a commitment to provide continuity of care by utilizing the same relief staff so children and families know them. From time to time this is not always possible.